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Re: Tank too hot

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 04:30:01PM -0700, Wright Huntley wrote:
> My thought is to bury a loose coil of drip-irrigation 1/2" line, deep 
> enough that water slowly flowing through it would be chilled down into 
> the 60s. For an operating cost of one powerhead, one could have a source 
> of cooled tank or reservoir water constantly available. No?
> I'd love it if someone can shoot holes in this idea *before* I dig a big 
> hole in the yard in this Modesto heat. :-) [Predicted to hit 100, today, 
> but so far only 95F.]

Sure, go for it.  It should work, that's the way that some poeple
heat/cool their entire homes (do a google search on "geothermal"
and "heat pump").

Let us know what your resluts are.