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re: Nuphar japonica

I corresponded with one of our fellow APDers, Loh K L, who lives in 
Singapore, and he tells me the plant I have in the pic is the same as what is 
sold as Nuphar japonica in Singapore. 

A plant does not have to be native to the area from where it is grown. It may 
just be propogated there. Discus culture is a prime example. More Discus come 
from Asia than probably anywhere else in the world, but of course, it is a 
South American fish.

What we probably have, if not the same plant, are different, but similar 
looking members of the same genus. 

I would think the care requirements would be similar.

To reiterate, the one factor I found that has helped me grow Nuphar 
whatever-it-is has been the higher temperatures of the tank it is in.

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