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Re: Tank too hot

Wright Huntley proposes cooling his tanks via aa subterraneum radiator:

> After contemplating the various alternatives, I would like to try 
> something has never been discussed here, AFAIK.

Another version of this was discussed a few months ago.

> My thought is to bury a loose coil of drip-irrigation 1/2" line, deep
> enough that water slowly flowing through it would be chilled down
> into 
> the 60s. For an operating cost of one powerhead, one could have a
> source 
> of cooled tank or reservoir water constantly available. No?

Just keep in mind that the longer the tubing, the narrower the tubing,
the more joints or bends . . .these things all reduce the flow.  So you
might need a stronger pump than you thought.

It can be done,
Good luck,
Scott H.

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