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OT: downsizing, tank available

Hello all,

I have a 35 gallon hex tank setup that I am getting rid of due to a
move.  It's located in San Francisco.  Setup includes tank, stand (a
square little table, not the standard hex-stand), misc. supplies,
boring lighting, no C02.  The plant selection is small but growing
well and includes Vallisneria, Java fern, and a couple of crypts. 
Oh, and some bits of water sprite.  Mostly just driftwood pieces
covered in crazily multiplying Java fern (sorry, no 'Windelov' in
there, either, it's all just plain).  Fish include a pair of black
veil angels, a pair of wild caught P. pulcher (Kribs), an
Apistogramma cacatuoides, and a few dwarf Corydoras.  This is one of
those "low tech" tanks (low light, no ferts, no CO2, slow growth)
that no one on this list will own up to wanting to maintain in an
'as-is' condition, so I'll include 20-some packets of champagne yeast
for about a good half-year's worth of DIY C02 injection, too.  I'm
asking $100 but I'm flexible and may be willing to barter.  Sorry, I
can't ship any of this.

Please contact me off list if you're interested in the setup.  I can
email photos.



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