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Re: GW

> Should I cut
> lighting down for a while or should I just stomp on the accelerator and get
> that sports car moving in all directions?
> Travis Kinney 
> Riding the median to avoid the GW swamp on either side.

Did you notice you have 0ppm of NO3? How are the plants going to grow
without almost 0ppm N? Algae like GW are well adapted to low N, plants are
not. Add KNO3 to get 10ppm or so of NO3.
This is about 1/4 teaspoon and will give about 8-9ppm or so per 1/4 teaspoon
of something like Grant's or Cooke's brand stump remover. Traces can be
upped also but the NO3 is the big issue. A good filter with bio media helps
also to prevent re occurrences. Removing the light for a few days will help.

The magnums will work though. Dirty up the tank /or add something that will
clog the filter cartridge up good. As it gets clogged, the filter will
remove the GW better. Blackout will help also. Give it 4 days or so. Diatoms
work much faster unless you have an older micron cartridge to use that's
semi clogged(most older ones are). When the cartridge is completely clogged
with GW, take out and soak in bleach for 1 hour or so and then rinse
Dechloro and replace.

Some folks don't do either and simply get a UV.

Tom Barr