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The algae blue-greens

Tank specs
130 gallon
profile substrate
jungle val
dwarf sag
crypt balansae
120 watts NO lighting (GE chroma 50) had 200 watts for 1 week
15% water change per week
root tabs+iron and jobes stick fert
Filtration- 2 AC 300's with 2 foam blocks each
Water- pH 7.6, KH 5, NH3/NH4 0, NO2 0, NO3 5.
15 congo tetras, 2 SAE's, 3 clown plecs, 3 spotted climbing perch, 1 syno occilifer, 1 peter's elephant nose, 1 african clawed frog, 2 butterfly fish
Here's the meat. The tank has been set up for 2 months. Brown algae came in but was not too horrible. the crypts are growing well, as are the sag which afre sending out new shoots rapidly. Anubias are putting out new leaves that keep getting covered in a bright green fuzzy algae. Vals are dying off except for new ones added 2 weeks ago.
Over the last week after turning on the other 2 40 watt bulbs (bringing total light to 200 watts) the brown algae took off like crazy and BGA took over the middle of the tank.
Today I did a 30% water change, picked out all the BGA I could, scrubbed off all the brown algae, cleaned the filters (in tank water), and removed the 2 extra bulbs (back to 120 watts).
Now, what's going to be my easiest way to remove the algae permanently? I can't black the tank out as it's in a restaurant, and would like to avoid antibiotics. I also can't add CO2. I do fill the tank extra full to cut back on the surface disturbance. Should I add some liquid fert to get the plants going? Do more water changes?


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