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Did you get some snails yet?

I have a small tank here at my office without a filter. I've only changed
the water once in the last 6-weeks and there's no algae. The snails just eat
it up. The tank, which actually is an old cigar jar, only holds like a liter
of water. I have stargrass growing like nuts, riccia, hairgrass,
glossistigma, and microsword. I also added two baby neons for fun. Also have
duckweed and a couple bulbs. My idea was to propagate plants here at work,
and harvest them to put in my 29-gallon tank at home. Hate to say it but my
little tank here is doing way better than my one at home (which right now is
covered in black plastic to kill off an algae bloom I have.) I've seen lots
of snail eggs in my tank at home but, fish eat them. Haven't had any hatch.
However, my jar here at work has had a batch of about fifty hatch. My water
change thinned the ranks to about 12 snails. Just before leaving for
vacation last week I noticed another batch had just hatched. I don't know
what type of snails these are, they've never eaten any plants but do an
incredible job on the algae in this jar. I'd be happy to mail you a jar of
them if you'd like some. They are small and your fish might eat them. A
couple weeks ago I moved about 8 that were large, to my tank at home. Not
sure if they got eaten, I'll have to look more closely. Let me know.