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MTS Snails - won't stay in tank

Quick question:
I have had 2 tanks and I can't keep MTS snails around.  Typical plant tank 
parameters (high light, co2, dosing), normal fish load (no betta, no 
loaches, platies, SAEs, rosy barbs) and normal to slightly over-feeding 
patterns.  Substrate is flourite, well planted, but you can see the 
substrate (no serious ground cover).  I dose with seachem equilibrium (Mg, 
Ca) and sodium bicarbonate at every water change (1-2 weeks, whenever the 
house plants need water).

I have ramshorn snails everywhere, but despite my additions of MTS snails, 
they just won't take a foothold.  I've dumped them in repeatedly, 10's at a 
time, but they just won't take hold.  Any ideas?  Lack of food?  Chemistry?

Thanks, Chris

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