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Re: Snails

Hi all,

At my last visit to a nearby brackish stream during low tide, there were
literally hundreds (more like thousands) of snails that resemble MTS but
didn't collect as I dread them as carriers of pantogens and other
nasties.  Does anyone here quarantine 'wild' snails before introducing
them to their planted or fry tanks and if so, then how?  Do we need to
acclimatize them to our water condition?

I'm planning to use these MTS in my killie fry tanks to take up excess
uneaten food and any thoughts are appreciated.

If these are used in planted tanks, with their tendency to dig & hide
into the gravel, won't that cause a problem comes the time to curb their

JoAnn also mentioned;
> If you can find some, Malaysian Trumpet snails (MTS) or Red
> Ramshorns seem to be the best.
May I know on what basis that MTS is 'best'?... just curious.

Ronnie Lee