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Re: Majordomo infected

> > Sorry, couldn't resist.  You were begging for it, you know.
> Back at ya! I was just trying to do some folks a favour. Lets 
> not let this deteriorate in a war over which computer system 
> is better. Some of us are actually bi-lingual!
> Ed Dumas

Off topic, but I agree, Ed.  I can't tell you how many times I've
accidentally stumbled into this argument only to end up saying, "But
that's just what you're used to, you know how to make it go, and that's
fine!  You don't have to defend yourself!"  I also happen to think that
most computers are pretty durn cool no matter what OS they're running.
It's like a filter: There are many different types and styles, some of
which work better for certain applications, some of which are quite
touchy, and none of which are really the end-all solution.  And they all
require maintenance.

Don't forget about all the Linux/UNIX geeks out there... :)

Dave VanderWall 
(who works with PC/Linux/UNIX and doesn't hate Apple (shame on me!))