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Re: Majordomo infected

> Perhaps you Mac guys blindly download all files sent to you and open them without thinking?


> If you'd learn from the PC guys not to do that, and to practice
> "safe computing," perhaps you wouldn't be troubled by so many
> worms.

I have a Mac at work, because that is what is provided for me, and a PC
at home because that is what is affordable by me. Paul Krombholz
suggested that all his friends who have PC's suffered from the worms,
not his Mac.

> (Yes, Macs get viruses, too.  Don't try to say they don't.)

It is the 95 to 5 rule. 95% of the "stuff" out there is geared towards
PC, and 5% towards Macs. The same is true of viruses. In fact, I figure
it is more like 99 to 1, or less, since it seems that so much of the
virus attacks are targeted at Microsoft and Mr. Gates, that upstanding
citizen of all things computing. lol.
> Too bad you own a Mac, or you'd know these things. [evil, evil laughter]

Ouch. If you remember, I was the one who suggested "safe computing"

> Sorry, couldn't resist.  You were begging for it, you know.

Back at ya! I was just trying to do some folks a favour. Lets not let
this deteriorate in a war over which computer system is better. Some of
us are actually bi-lingual!

Ed Dumas