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Re: lighting

> Subject: Re: Lighting Question
> Dupla insists that Fluorescent Lighting is good only for tanks up to 20
> inches or 50 cm depth.

Dupla can insist all they wish:-) Doesn't mean they are correct. That was
what? 1985? Things change. Lighting changes. PC's can easily go down to
36inches of depth. Amano seems to do it without PC's on all those tanks of

This whole high light trend and insistence on it being "needed" is
disturbing somewhat. CO2 and nutrients will yield more fruit for most tanks
than increased lighting. More lighting simply makes it more difficult the
find that balance. Yes, there are cut off points where low light really does
limit the plants health and morphology but I think even at deep depths, you
can get away with less lighting than many think.

MH's are not required but they are nice for other reasons which perhaps
Dupla never alludes to, access to those deep tanks. PC's and FL's most often
have full hoods etc and working at such depths makes life extremely
difficult when there's no light or hood removal is needed or a hood lip
needs to be reached over. Lot's of grief there. Can't beat an open top for
working on a tank.
Tom Barr