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Plant anchors

I have a small tank with Brazilian Microsword planted in the foreground. It 
is a low light tank, but I know the Microsword is growing ( slowly ) because 
I can see runners poking out of the substrate in various places. My problem 
is that I have a plecostomus and a snail that while foraging continually 
up-root the ones that haven't taken yet. I spend more time re-planting them 
than anything else. I have them planted in small bunches of four to six 
stems, which obviously are too delicate to weight with lead weights, and from 
reading, I gather that lead is not the safest thing to put into a tank. I am 
wondering if I were to get some pottery clay ( just some low fire white- i 
called a local supplier to verify that there are no additves ) and rolled 
this into little strips to wrap around the plant bottoms, taking care to 
leave the roots ouot the bottom, if this would work to give the plants some 
stability and weight to keep them down  while allowing the roots a chance to 
grab. Has anyone tried anything similar, or does anyone have any better 
suggestions- other than getting rid of the pleco and the snail : ) ? Thanks 
in advance.


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