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CO2, circulation

I just set up my pressurized CO2 system yesterday. Within hours, my 
amazon sword was pearling, bringing me much joy and happiness. For a 
reactor, I'm using the reactor amd bubble counter from Florida 
driftwood (http://www.floridadriftwood.com/product.asp?
0=217&1=253&3=146). This has the outflow of my Eheim 2213 bringing 
water into the reactor. This seems to work but the water circulation 
appears to be minimal. Obviously, there is some type of circulation 
 from the intake and outake flows, but the surface water is very calm. 
My question is, should I worry about? Do I need a great deal of 
circulation? And if so, how do I get it? Add a pinhole to the outflow 
tube before it gets to the reactor? Add a powerhead?

It's a 30 gallon tank with discus, some otocinclus, a bushynose pleco 
and some black tetras.

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