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Hyphessobrycon callistus

>Michael Heerman is interested in Hyphessobrycon
>callistus, commonly known 
>as the Neon Serpae Tetra (among other things), and
>wonders how this fish 
>behaves in the company of plants.

Neon Serpae Tetra.  Never heard them referred to as
Neon before, must be a regional thing.  But since the
name Hyphessobrycon callistus was used I knew exactly
which fish was being referenced.

I have a school of 20-30 in a semi-planted SA cichlid
tank.  No problems with them nibbling plants.  It's the
 5 A. anostomus, L. faciatus and 3 M. festivus that I
have to keep well fed to get them off my plants.  But
alas, my Echinodorus sp. was pummeled this
weekend...leaves floating everywhere.  Oh well, that's
half the fun.

G. Martinez

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