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RE: Speaking of Cabomba

>What are good growing conditions for Cabomba?  I've seen
>them in the store, but have avoided buying them because
>I've heard they're kind of finicky.

I bought some fomr my LFS on a whim I had big leafed sword plants and wanted
something with a smaller leaf that would contrast nicely.  I am running
about 3watts per gallon of light, Pressurized co2 at about 25ppm, PH 6.9, KH
6.5 regular gravel and flourish a couple times a week.  The stuff grows life
a vine for me.  I had to trim it and sell some back after 2 weeks. I don't
know if that's fast but I bought a second variety and it is growing just as
fast it's like a race to the surface...

Matt W.