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haze in tank - not white or green

My 72 gallon tank, about 9 months old, suddenly has a red-brown haze in the 
water which has gotten noticeably worse in the past 8 hours. I did do a 
major water change yesterday, but no more that I have been doing every 3-7 
days for the past several months. The tank has a flourite/gravel substrate, 
but I did less substrate disturbing than usual. I did add the first dose of 
Maracyn - 4 tablets, a little over 1/2 the recommended dosage.

Any ideas what is causing this? The fish all seem happy, and I am happy to 
leave it alone & let it resolve itself, but if it is something I should do 
something about I would like to do it.

wishing it were a purple haze.

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