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As a reefkeeper I'd just like to say that Brett is correct.  I have
a blue tang that is very prone to saltwater ich, and since I've
been feeding it crushed garlic mixed with frozen brine shrimp it's
completely recovered.  Garlic has not been scientifically proven,
but there's tons of anecdotal evidence out there that says it works.

As far as FW Ich, it's actually a different critter, but I would
not be surprised if it works.  I know I'll be trying it if any of
my FW fish get sick.


On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 10:21:21AM -0700, Greenman wrote:
> At the LFS where I work part time, the reef keepers are talking up a garlic
> elexir that is supposed to do wonders as a cure for light ich problems, and
> as a preventitive. It is completely safe with the corals and other
> invertebrates, and does a bang up job of dealing with mild ich problems. I
> imagine it would be fine for plants- a garlic and mineral oil spray has been
> used for centuries in gardens. It is supposed to work with fresh water as
> well, but with apparently a bit of an odor problem. Might be worth looking
> into, though.
> Brett Johnson
> Green Man Gardens
> bnbjohns at attbi_com