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Re: Wall of Moss

"Beaker" asked:
"I'd like to acheive a wall of moss growing up the back of the tank
and would like advice.  I've heard of people using corkboard, but I'm
concerned about it leeching chemicals/organic matter into the water.
Has anyone used corkboard?"

I have used cork tiles for several years in a number of tanks. The cork I
used was originally packaged and sold for use as wall tiles - it is
untreated and had no backing. I attached it to the interior of the tank
using several daubs of silicone adhesive (the same stuff that holds the tank
together. The cork layer is about 3/8" thick and is a dark natural brown. It
did leach tannins into the water for a while but they are harmless and
easily removed via regular water changes.

You could also buy cork in bulk from a herp supplier. As long as it is
virgin cork bark it will be safe. Plants (moss, Anubias, Java Ferns) can be
pinned to the cork and will eventually attach itself.

James Purchase