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Wall of moss

Please don't let my nickname fool you, I'm _very_ into aquaria and my
planted tanks.  Here's my question:

I'd like to acheive a wall of moss growing up the back of the tank
and would like advice.  I've heard of people using corkboard, but I'm
concerned about it leeching chemicals/organic matter into the water. 
Has anyone used corkboard?  Does anyone have a backdrop of moss in
their tank?  I'm inclined to use a fiberglass screen but that leaves
the question of adhering it to the back...not sure how to procede.

Any and all advice would be appreciated.  I have a 30 gallon tank with
1.8 watts/gall and DIY CO2.  The tank is stocked with rasboras, shrimp,
a pleco and algae eaters.

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