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re: Insultingly lame assault

Shireen wrote:

> I just heard there's a virus going around that randomly
> grabs addresses from the infected computer's address
> book. That may explain some of the strange emails
> from John that he said he didn't send.

The virus you're talking about (like most of the others we've heard about for 
a few years) travels through Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express and only 
effects computers running MS operating systems.  John Benn has said that he 
was uses Apple systems.

It seems more possible to me that someone else sent those messages with 
John'sLists as the apparent return address.  It is probably possible to tell 
from the header, but there aren't that many people who can interpret the 

I've had my emal address for more than 6 years and a lot of bulk mail folks 
seem to know all about it.  i've seen all kinds of things.  Recently I've 
been getting occasional "Failure to deliver" notices for letters I never 
sent.  In one case the notices was a fake and appeared to carry a viruse.  In 
other cases it looks like they are a valid response to a letter that someone 
else sent with my address as the return address.  Every recent case has 
involved addresses at aol.  I'm starting to not like aol very much.  Like I 
ever did.

Roger Miller