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Re: Python faucet pump with RV hose

On Thu, Apr 04, 2002 at 01:46:12PM -0600, Mary Lindstrom wrote:
> My questions are:
>   Will the python faucet pump attach to a standard garden hose faucet adaptor?


>   Will the python faucet pump accept a standard hose?


>   Is the "waterbed pump" mentioned in some earlier posts essentially the
>      same thing as the python faucet pump?


> BTW, if I had know about Pythons when I started I probably would have
> just bought one.

That's funny, because it's the opposite for me.  I originally bought
a Python, then found out it was just a glorified waterbed refil
kit, which I allready had in the depths of my basment.  If I had
to do it over again I would have saved the $40 and just DIY'ed it.

Then again, the Python is a good product.  It is nice not to have
to futz with anything because it's slightly offsize, etc.  When
mine developed leaks they replaced with no hastles.

It's become my blessing/curse.  I am running seven tanks now, and
am considering setting up one or two more.  I would have never set
up this many tanks if I had to lug all of those buckets.

Who the heck would buy Python underwear?