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Re: Python faucet pump with RV hose

Mary asked:
  Will the python faucet pump attach to a standard garden hose faucet 

  Will the python faucet pump accept a standard hose?

  Is the "waterbed pump" mentioned in some earlier posts essentially the
     same thing as the python faucet pump?

The answer -- YES to all three!

I myself use a regular old garden hose, a 10 year old python faucet pump, a 
brass faucet adapter, and 2 attachments using misc parts --  each is a 5' 
length of clear 1/2" vinyl with a female garden-hose-to-barb adapter.  One 
has an old Eheim u-tube (inlet) with strainer, and one has a gravel-vac 

The Eheim u-tube is the best thing ever -- I cut it to depth such that it 
will remove ~50% of the water from my tanks and then break siphon.  I can 
just hang it on, turn on the faucet-pump, and allow it to make the change 
while I prune and clean the glass.  I use it for the fill too - super easy.


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