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re: Storage Containers

I use syrup bottles from the pharmacy.  Yeah, it helps to be a pharmacist,
but you probably have some around the house, or your pharmacy might would
sell you some for very little.  They are great because they are graduated in
ml's and ounces on the back, so the measuring hassle is eliminated.  They
come in 2oz, 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, and 16oz... I think  (I work in a hospital where
we don't use them.)

Ben in SW Virginia (anyone else out there nearby?)

> Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 09:04:26 -0600
> From: Robert Chady <aquatic-plants at chady_org>
> Subject: storage containers?
> I'm slowly working on organizing everything I need for my tank and
> was wondering what everyone used for storing their various mixed
> up chemicals for providing nutrients to your tank(s).  I am looking for
> storage containers that are easy to mix up the chemicals in, easy
> to store, and easy to dose from.  (Can you tell I'm trying to make this
> 'easy' ? :) )
> Anyhow, any ideas?  Also, what do most ppl use for making sure they dose
> the proper amounts?
> Thanks in advance,
> Robert Chady
> Chippewa Falls, WI