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Re: Question about 'levels' of aquascaping

Molly has a question about aquascaping. Before I try to give her an answer,
I ask that she turn wordwrap ON in her email program..... her post appears
in the archive as one long sentence......and the only thing that made me
even interested in reading it was the word "aquascaping" in here subject

(We've BEEN though this before.....)

Molly's question is about aquascaping and why her tanks don't look like the
ones she sees online. Whole BOOKS can and have been written about this
topic, so I'll cut to the chase..... Molly ended her email with the

"and I don't mean artistic ability or anythiung, let's not get back into

Molly, if you are unwilling to consider or discuss artistic ability or
anything of that nature, your tanks will NEVER look like the ones you covet.
The best you can hope for is "plants growing underwater". Before you can
learn to fly, you must first learn to walk. Growing healthy aquatic plants
isn't all that difficult and there are many folks here willing and able to
help you over any difficulties.

But to get to the next level you will have to open your mind to other
possibilities and other sources of inspiration - if you aren't willing to do
that, there isn't much hope.

James Purchase