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Re: Correct Temp from Faucet to Tank with Python

I have a similar problem to the original poster - the temperature of the 
water drifts as I add 50 gallons or so of water. And I have had a disaster 
from it, when I wasn't paying attention and the water got too cold and I 
lost 5 out of 12 cardinal tetras. So here's what I do now:

Adjust the water coming out of the tap by putting the python in suction mode 
(with the fill end not in the water). Then I close it up so the water flows 
through. While I am filling I check the water temperature pretty frequently, 
and make small adjustments as I go along if I need to. My sink is about 25' 
from the tank, so I am walking back and forth. It did take a little while to 
be able to relate how far off the temp had gotten to the type of adjustment 
I need to do, but I've gotten pretty good at it.

I think the temp change that killed the cardinal tetras was only about 6-7 
degrees, if I'm remembering correctly.


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