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Re: Bubble counters

Tom wrote:

My question is more along the lines of why does ANYONE need a bubble
in the first place? We focus on the pH for precise CO2 determination,
bubbles per sec. All it shows is some flow is going into the system, not
that much more.

Wayne wrote:

I use them on my fermentation bottles to keep track of CO2 production. I
use a 500 ml pop bottle for a counter and I use plain water. I think
they also help to prevent methanol from entering my aquarium. When I
refill the fermentor I refill the bubble counter. I hang them on the
neck of my 1 gallon jugs. One of the funny things about this type of
bubble counter is they don't work very well if you don't have a check
valve in the line. I imagine that is not the case with pressurized CO2
but it is when you are using yeast.