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Re: Bubble Counters

I use a bubble counter with each of my CO2 setups. I use the Knop Brand. Has 
a built in heavy duty check valve from Dennerle, same as M3 sells. I like 
this because I inject directly into the intake atrainer of an Eheim 2217 and 
if there is too much gas going in the filter just coughs it out and it is a 
waste. Why waste it if you don't have to? The green strainer tubing makes it 
hard to gauge the gas going in. Why guess on the amount going in when a 
counter makes it easy to check and regulate? The gas is cheap, but pulling a 
20# tank and driving it to a shop for exchange and reinstalling it is a PIA. 
I've never had one leak in three years and they need refilling once every 6 
months. If I can extend the life between cylinder swaps, I will. A bubble 
counter makes this easy. A necessary piece of equipment if just for the 
convenience, IMHO.

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