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Re: Bubble counters?

> Subject: Bubble Counter Fluid
> I was searching the net last night looking over deals on CO2 equipment
> and the like, and came across a listing at one site for "Bubble Counter
> Fluid". Supposedly it evaporates less than water. When I read that, I
> realized that water would evaporate fairly quickly out of a bubble
> counter. Does anyone out there have any idea what "Bubble Counter Fluid"
> is? Is it worth investing in, or does the water take long enough to
> evaporate that the fluid is not worth investing in? Is there a
> alternative source for this fluid?
> Thanks so much.
> Ed

My question is more along the lines of why does ANYONE need a bubble counter
in the first place? We focus on the pH for precise CO2 determination, not
bubbles per sec. All it shows is some flow is going into the system, not
that much more. 

Anyone can place their CO2 line into water(a cup or your tank will do fine
for this) and get a bubble count. Why spend time, money and maintenance on
such a device? Some folks have to have them I guess. Never been sure what
for though........
The CO2 line below the water to get a general feel for the flow when you set
the tank up and then pH after that. I've never ever had to see what my
Bubble rate was after the first initial set up. So it's a one time deal.
We use pH after that.

If you want a small bubble counter that never needs filling there are simple
designs for that also or very easy refill. I've made a few dozen types of
bubble counters for those that "have had to have them" both the simple and
the more elaborate.

This is perhaps the easiest cotton picking thing anyone could build for the
DIY-er. If you can do DIY CO2, you can DIY bubble counters!!!!!!!!!!!!
_____Extremely________ simple device.

If you use a 2liter juice bottle, how long do you think it'll take for the
1.5 liters or so to evaporate? You can buy some rigid airline and add that
near the bottom for the "in" and have a 1 inch piece for the "out". Some
epoxy and you're done.

My advice is to make your system simple. IMO, it's another thing that'll
leak, needs filled, unneeded and a waste of money and time.
Tom Barr