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Re: ADA International Planted Tank Contest

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Edward Venn wrote:

> A week or 2 back i mentionned about the ADA International Planted Tank 
> Contest here. Amano and a number of well known and very reputable 
> publications is promoting this to give people in the hobby a chance to show 
> off their artistic abilities. Did anyone enter the contest? James, did you 
> contact these people about supporting/doing a joint contest?

Hi Edward,

We'll have to see what James' input is, but from my perspective I think
that at this point because the two events are so totally different in
focus, and because we're going to be up to our necks just trying to run
the AGA contest again, that it would be tough trying to combine them.  
However, Mr Amano has expressed an interest in judging the AGA event in
October, so we may have some crossover.

Back in January, I didn't think I would have my tank in good enough shape
to enter the ADA contest, but I just may slip in under the wire by the end
of this month.  To me, it's worth the $15 just to get a copy of the book
they're putting out showing the winners.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com