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Re: light

Tom Barr wrote:

>That's not true, most plants do grow quite nice at
>2w/gal, even so called
>"high light" plants.

I have 1 96 watt AH supply PCF and 2 25 watt Zoomed
T8s on my 30.  The PCF is 14 months old (not too old I
guess).  The Zoomeds are new.  

I have not been able to keep Ludwigia deep red under
anything but PCFs.  The stuff I have now growing under
the Zoomeds now is an orangish color.  Either the
light isn't strong enough or 1.5 mls a day of Flourish
and 1ml per day of Flourish Iron isn't enough for it. 
One stem has badly stunted but the rest are ok (I
think that's probably a seprerate issue that I'll get
to later).  Glosso growing under them isn't growing
flat (the PCF is in the rear).  I plan to transfer
both to my ten gallon when I put a 36 watt PCF on it. 

That should hopefully solve that problem.  If it
doesn't, I plan to lose it.  Geez, how much light does
that stuff need?  

Thanks, Cavan

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