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Christmas moss is here!!!!!!!!

I just got my Christmas moss and I tell you what considering it took
almost a month to get here from Singapore it looks like it was taken out
of a tank today "Perfect"!!!!!!!
Thanks Loh K L this stuff is bright green and beautiful witch brings me
to my next question what is the best way to propagate this stuff quickly
I am trying to get up enough to start a Moss Wall? Got a 40 gallon with
one "beast" and c02 injection starting later this week? 
I was wondering to American flag fish eat blue green algae/bacteria
whatever. Having a little bit showing up in one of my other tank and was
thinking about giving them a try.  Got some True SAE on the way from
www.azgardens.com <http://www.azgardens.com/>  will they eat it??
Thanks again for the Christmas moss sorry to go on and on about it but
wow its in such great shape!!!

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