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Re: Really Cloudy Water - Additional Questions


Frankly, it seems that you are doing just about everything right, as far as I 
can see, except that you should have more plants.

You might try thawing the frozen food under running water and letting it 
drain; it might be that there are some fluids getting into the tank from it.
I know that frozen bloodworms are "dirty."  But I don't think that by itself 
would cause your problem.

Anything that is decaying can provide food for cloudy water, but if the 
bottom of the tank is clean that rules that out. 

Three inches of gravel over the laterite sounds a bit much, but there are 
others here who know much more than I about that.  I'd think as long as the 
roots got down that far you'd be OK.  But that depth rules out any laterite 

I think that the long term key is to get more rapidly growing plants.  I had 
a problem with "film" algae in a new tank until I planted about 30
easy, fast growing plants and within two weeks the algae was no longer an 
issue.  A good site for plant descriptions is Tropica's, 

You will beat this thing eventually.  Don't let it get to you.  Maybe algae
can sense tension. <g>