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Re: Word Wrap - or is Outlook changing how I look (in text)?

Erik Olson:

First let me say this:

If it wasn't for Erik and his web site


I never would have had the successes I have had setting up my last four
tanks, which I did after an 8 year hiatus from the hobby -- I helped
make humans during that time.  I honestly think I found out more info
about aquaria at The Krib than in the prior decades of fishkeeping. 
And it was Erik (and George and Karla -- 


that tempted me into aquatic gardening.

I just had to say that.  

wrap and the lack thereof

Erik said this about programs that do or don't automatically wrap text

> Actually, the killer is in the archives.  Look at Alan Kaufman's
> posts for 
> instance.

There are folks whose text looks fine when the write it and fine when
they read it in the APD batch mailings.  But in the archives, it is a
different matter.  I think this is because when you look in the
archives, you your browser but when you read the batch mailings, you do
it with a mail program's (a mail server's) mail viewer -- e.g., I use
Yahoo's mail server and it automatically wraps lines when I view my
mail.  When I use Internet Explorer to view archive material -- and I
have done hours upon hours of that recently ;-)  , some posts are
revealed to be line length unlimited (LLU).

I know we're supposed to write about plants but I think this is
important.  Some people just skip messages that are LLU and that
lessens the discussion for all of us.  And some people have no idea
that they're supposed to limit their line lengths, much less how to go
about doing it.

Have you checked you mail in the archives lately?

Scott H.

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