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Re: Frustrated in search

It is slightly off topic, but I am wondering if anyone
on the list can help me out.  A while back I wrote
about automating the water supply to one of my tanks. 
I have now completed automating the water supply to
all my tanks, and I now want to automate the drainage
part of water changing.  But I can't seem to find the
piece of equipment I think I need even after numerous
internet searches.  Here is what I want:
Alan wrote:
"I want to find a normally closed, 110 volt solenoid
valve with 3/8 inch female NPT ports to use to
automate the draining of water from my aquarium.  I
have already automated the input side using a float
valve, and I want to automate the drainage aspect
using the Home Automation program in my computer and
an X-10 controller for the solenoid. 

If anybody has any suggestions I would be very



I don't know if this site has what you are looking for
but they do carry various solenoid valves.  It's
Clippard (www.clippard.com).  This is the manufacturer
of the M3 needle valves.


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