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AH Supply 96 watt CF lamps

These lamps will hurt you. I'm not kidding. They should come with warnings,
age requirements, maybe a user training course. Licensed users only, that
kind of thing. Keep away from children. They don't call them "The Beast" for

Actually, I'm impressed. I started out with three of these monsters on my 90
gallon. I'm now running one with a second one on only during the mid-day
peak for three hours. The plants start pearling with the single lamp, and
then turn the tank into bubbly water during the peak. I had a mix of the
5000K and 6700K (2:1) when I had three lamps running. I tried it with the
6700K as the all day lamp, and the 5000K coming on for the peak. Now I'm
running only the 5000K lamps. I think the tank does better with the 5000K
lamps only. Looks better too.

I noticed an upsurge in BBA after the original lamps were in service for
about a year. Once I changed over to the current setup/operation, the BBA
has virtually disappeared. It's my understanding that fluorescent lamps
become more purple as they age. It's also my understanding that the Triton
lamps, which are very purple, were developed specifically to GROW algae.
Which makes you wonder why they market them to aquarists. Anyway, I'm hoping
that the 5000K lamps stay in the red zone longer. As they age, I'll increase
the duration of the second lamp peak period to offset the lumen decline.
Should work.