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Re: Re: Diana Walstad's book

>>I disagree having done the each above, including the plain wrong stuff:)
I don't follow it completely, I used flourite in place of Soil for instance.
I have the same lazy no water change routine. I don't add iron to the water
but rely on fish food for plant fert's. Water is topped off for evaporation.
I have gloss and hairgrass among others and some nice red plants. But I do
keep a few floaters and a HCO3 user and good stocking of algae eaters.
Tanks have been up to 75 gallons.

> Let the flames begin:-)

No flames, just "yes I have" statements/experiences:-)
There are certain tenants, but there is a range of flexibility and it is
nowhere near as rigid as many seem to think. Way too many compare the non
CO2 to the CO2 enriched tank and this can get folks into trouble.
Folks need to decide which side of the fence they want to be on and approach
their tank. Or you can both types of tanks.<<

Well if you can grow glossostigma, Rotala macrandra, Rotala wallichii,
Rotala magenta and several other stem plants, without CO2, I'd really like
to hear about it. Seriously. I have tried several time to grow glosso under
various conditions without CO2 and it just doesn't fly. In fact I am putting
together a list of plants for use with only added CO2, but before I make
that statement I would really like to know if anyone has done this

Robert Paul Hudson