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Iron and algae

<< I seem to get good growth but have problems with algae (the short green
 hair stuff)if I attempt to push my iron, and/or nitrates to the
 recommended levels.  >>

I had this very problem myself until I recently started adding mono-basic 
phosphate or KH2PO4 at . 5ppm up to . 8ppm. Then the BBA disappeared, and I 
mean vanished, whereupon my tanks started soaking up N like crazy and allowed 
me to add all the iron I wanted without additional algae problems.

I too thought the plant were growing just fine -- but its all relative. Now 
they are doing even better with denser growth and better color overall.

I say all this as I notice you list P as zero so that may well be the 
problem. That DIY CO2 is a real hit and miss thing too, IMHO, and perhaps a 
contributing factor.

PO4 is inexpensive but the test kit is not.

Bob O.