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RE: Grapevine and Drs. FosterandSmith

>>The service rep was polite and efficient. I think. however, she and 
>>the company are working with a system that is not anywhere close to 
>>being up to speed.<<

I very recently had a damaged item that I wanted to return.  I first
emailed the customer service email address; then the next day followed
the return instructions on my invoice.  A couple days later, I got a
follow up notice from customer service saying that it might take 3-6
weeks from when their returns department received the item for them to
send out a replacement item.  In reality, I actually received the
replacement the very next day (they had to have shipped out the
replacement the very same day that they received the damaged item).

It is my impression that they are really starting to get a good handle
on performance even though their internal systems (especially
communications) have not yet caught up with their increased load.

I know that I am back in the impressed column on the Drs. service and

Newsletter aka Greg Watson