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Re: someone name a softwater plant

Arthur asked someone to name a softwater plant.

Bacopa carolinana grows well only in soft water (conversly, B. monnieri
grows well only in hard water). Numerous Eriocaulon species, as well as
Isoetes are also softwater plants. See Walstad for other likely candidates.

But I don't think anyone should be jumping up and down and pointing fingers
at Seachem for selling a substrate product which increases GH and KH. There
are very few plants which absolutely NEED softwater and there are many other
factors involved in how a plant grows or doesn't grow. I've used Onyx and
grown a wide variety of plant in it (I also keep Discus in that tank). I'm
very happy with it, my plants are happy (and so, by the way, are my Discus).

James Purchase