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SAEs and Christmas Moss

I received some Christmas Moss from LKL back in late 
November or early December in return for contributing to 
the defense fund.  Thank you very much LKL!  At the 
time, I knew I was going to be replacing my tank soon.  
So I simply put the moss in a mesh puch and let it float 
in my tank.  I didn't grow, but it didn't die either.  
It simply survived until I got my new tank.  The moss 
has now been attached to the driftwood in my new tank, 
which has been up and running since the beginning of 
February.  Unfortunately, the moss is not growing like 
pictured on LKL's website or as anyone else has reported 
with their moss.  I think it is because of my SAEs.  
They are constantly poking around in the moss.  The moss 
seems to have attached itself to the driftwood pretty 
well, but it is not growing.  As soon as new fronds 
start to grow out (if they are in fact growing), along 
come my SAEs and mow it down!  I am constantly finding 
fronds collecting on my filter intake or in slower 
moving sections of my tank.  This really saddens me, as 
I would love to have the Christmas Moss growing 
beautifully in my tank.  It looks awesome in the 
pictures I have seen.  Alas, I don't think I will enjoy 
any such sight in my tank as long as I keep my SAEs.  
But I definitely don't want to part with my SAEs 
either.  Whatever shall a fishboy do?