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Re: Cabomba in hardwater

> I use R/O water, and normally, my tanks would have KH=2 and GH=3.
> With Onyx they run at KH=6-8 and GH=10+

The tank I used it on in SF has about 4KH(from 2) and a GH of 4(up from 1)
as I recall.
> The Onyx is in two tanks and both were set up less than 5 months ago.
> I am a little disappointed in the high numbers since I was hoping to
> finally grow Cabomba successfully since I added lots more light, but it
> hates the hardness.  It won't grow, at least not this early in the
> tanks's development.

The high number do seem to indicate something _less than desirable_.

But the Cabomba does fine in hard water. Something else is at work there(not
My GH is 2.5X higher and the KH is also higher. Cabomba is growing fine.
> Greg Morin, I change water once a week, 30%.  I am sincerely hoping I
> will not be restricted to hard water plants forever in these tanks!

What is a hard water plant?
The only plants I've seen that have had trouble in harder water have been
Rotala wallichii and P stellata. It might be an interaction with something
else rather than a direct cause but everything else does great. That's out
of 250+ ssp. I use to blame GH/KH for everything but that's not the issue.
Tom Barr