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Corys in a heavily planted tank?

I currently have 3 corys in my planted tank (I know this isin't
enough - if I keep them I'll add more).  I never see them, they
hide all the time.  I recently had one die, I didn't know about it
until it was dead because I never saw the symptoms, otherwise I
would have moved it to a hospital tank and tried medication (I
think it was a bacterial swimbladder infection).

So I'm wondering if it's worth having corys or other bottom dwellers
in a planted tank, espically if most of the gravel is covered with

Anyone here have corys?  Loaches, etc?  What's your opinion/ experience?

Just FYI, here's my tank specs:  35 custom cube, 2 (maybe 3?)
Angels, 8 Serape tetras, 7 ottos, 3 corys (2 bandit , 1 lepoard),
1 blue gorami.  Considering adding a bunch of neons.  Heavily
planted, CO2 injected, 175w MH, working on PMDD ingredients or TMG.