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the further education of newbie-man

Many thanks to James P for helping me not kill my fish. I read the article 
and think I have a handle on nutrients. Many thanks to Tom B for getting me 
to not starve my plants. So now I have even more questions. Should nitrates 
change throughout the day? Will they be highest before the lights come on in 
the morning? What conditions must be present before I know I have an "N 
limited" tank? I have a tank that has a fairly heavy fish load 60-65 inches 
of fish in 75 gallons, and I have a tank with 3 praecox rainbows (40 
gallons.) Both tanks test at 0ppm NO3 an hour before the lights go out. What 
would be the proper way to add N, add more fish, remove filter media, dose 
       Now to take a left turn, does anyone have a database that says what 
level of hardness certain plant types like? The one book I have (scheurmann) 
gives ranges such as 2-15 deg GH, which seems kind of general. I wonder if 
that is based on what the plant will survive in, as opposed to having good 
growth rates.
       From the Krib, i get the impression that BGA is thought to be caused 
by low N:P
ratio, is that still the general consensus? Anyone have any success killing 
BGA by raising N levels?

Thats all I can think of for now...Thanks for any and all help.


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