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Re: Corys in a heavily planted tank?

Eric McGlohon asked:

> So I'm wondering if it's worth having corys or other bottom dwellers
> in a planted tank, espically if most of the gravel is covered with
> plants.

I have always kept Corys in my fish-only tanks and found them to be a
little sensitive to water conditions. Though, having said that, I do
have to tell you that I once bred some Corys when I was going to
University and had an UNLIMITED supply of fresh Daphnia nearby. I used
to freeze it myself to go through the winters, too! I ended up flooding
the market with Corys babies in my area.

Anyway, other than that little blip, I have found most Corys to be a
little sensitive to water conditions. Now that I have a planted tank,
though, I find that they are very settled and happy and go about their
daily work with no troubles what-so-ever. They seem to love digging
among the plants and such anyway, and I still think it is helpful to
have bottom feeders to eat left over food. I would happily keep them in
a planted tank. I love watching them when they are that happy with the

My two cents (Canadian, which is really only about 1.25 cents US?)