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Re: Foster's and Smith

I used to order dog and cat vaccines from Foster's and Smith and 
never had a complaint. I usually order my Amquel from them and have 
since the change from Petwarehouse. I've never had a problem yet. 
Shipping seems to be fast. I would like them to get their 
notification system going though. It would be nice to have a tracking 
number. I think they will turn out to be a very reliable vendor and 
they seem very responsive, so I expect them to only improve.

BTW, I love the shipping rates for the heavy weight items. As long as 
the price is competitive, that works out well for me. There are a few 
dream items there that aren't quite as shocking now that the shipping 
rates have been revised. I used to cringe when looking at the UPS 
chart for some items on my wish list.