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JB Weld and Cracked Case

I was just sick today when I finally found the time to pulled my 
cracked fixture down and repair the crack. What was one crack last 
week turned out to be the entire plastic end piece of the light 
cracked completely in half. On top of that, it was cracked in several 
more places.

I picked up some JB Weld as suggested here. It did the job and I'm 
amazed. What a great product! Now all that's left to do is touch up 
the welds with some black paint and it should be barely noticable. 
Funny how this disaster turned out to be not so bad afterall.

Now if I could find some sturdy light stands. The ones for the 
Formosa DX don't fit around the edge of the 75 gallon and are too 
flimsy. Any ideas or suggestions for that?

Gotta love this list!