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Small planted tank.

Hi everyone,

I've been thinking about setting up a small planted tank. A micro-planted 
tank, I guess. I was going to buy a 5.5 gallon tank anyway, they were on 
sale and really cheap. :) I have 2 planted tanks and one fry tank which has 
mysteriously become full of water sprite. Anyway, I have some hygro. 
polysperma, java fern, java moss, water sprite, cabomba, and swords. Are any 
of these good for the small tank? I know that the water sprite and hygro are 
really fast growers, so they will probably quickly take over the tank. And 
that my swords are WAY too big for such a small height. Are there any other 
good plants for this size of a tank? I'm also having trouble with the 
substrate. I can't get any laterite, it's not available in my area or 
anywhere nearby. I have got some peat moss blocks which are for aquariums. I 
have used them with great success. Is there anything else I could do? I 
don't plan on having any fish in there, so is a filter necessary? Any ideas? 
Is kitty litter any good for this setup? Do I use the clumping or the normal 


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