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Loh's Wonderful Christmas Moss

I should have posted this much earlier, but life has a way of keeping me busy.

Loh Kwek Leong sent me some Christmas Moss many moons ago. It looked 
great upon arrival, despite the fact that it came all the way from 
Singapore. I was very pleasantly surprized. Loh used some kind of 
special seal on the bag and when it arrived it was moist, green and 

I took a look at his web site (http://www.geocities.com/aironfire) 
and thought the moss wall idea would add something different and lush 
to my aquarium. My moss wall covers one side of my aquarium. The moss 
is a beautiful green, grows quickly and doesn't seem to float away 
like Java Moss does. Building the wall and watching it grow has been 
fun and very satisfying.

Loh is an exceptional person and the Christmas Moss is a delightful 
addition to my aquarium.Thanks again, Loh. You're among the finest 
human beings I know.


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