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Carbo plus vs Co2

I've been using the Carbo Plus for almost a year now and have had
limited success in spite of using PMDD, potassium by Seachem. Lately
I've switched to using "high pressure Co2". I've set up a 2 stage
regulator, needle valve and bubble counter. Definitely a big difference
the Carbo Plus cannot compare at all with the performance I've
experienced with Co2. That being said, this may be caused by other
factors, but in my experience it is not as good as the real thing.

Now that I have the Co2 set up at a rate of about 35 bubbles/sec a lot
of the plants have been growing well and I've even seen pearling. But,
and here it comes, after a growth spurt a lot of the plants have been
melting from the edges. First they seems to have become almost
transparent specially the Dwarf sag, other plants like Wiseteria, Micro
sword, and Water sprite have become light green leaves, the spiral vals
have also become almost transparent and slow growth. The melting is
leaving a lot of decaying plant residue on the aquarium floor. I know
the tank must be limited on something, I have TMG on hand Seachems
Potassium supplement, Nitrite-stump remover, epson salts ect. I need
some good advice on how to start of dosing and how much. I know there is
much experience in this list perhaps the symptoms are a good clue. Algae
has gone down substantially still some light, build up on the glass.
My tank parameters are after several hours of coo on:
260 watts vho, on for 9hrs afternoon to evening
Co2 35 bbls/sec on with lights when lights are out, areation with air
75 gallon
gravel is 50/50 flourite and gravel
PH 7.4 - 7.6
KH 4-5 dkh or 71.6ppm
GH 8-9 or 143.2ppm
Nitrite .3mg/li
Ammonia 0
PO4/PO3 0-.5ppm
Water here is pretty hard even with more Co2 the ph has not gone down
past 7.4
Any advice is greatly appreciated thank you,
Hans Schaare